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Our work strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces we inhabit, whether feral or human-made.

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    Committed to Our Projects

    We’re  committed  to managing  our  business with the  upmost  responsibility and to always strive for  better — be that  reducing emissions or creating  social value.

    Listening to Clients

    We understand both the urgency  of the challenges facing our society and our responsibility to act  in an impactful and  enduring way. We’re leading the change towards a more sustainable and equitable future, partnering with those who want to make a  positive difference in the world.

    We’re listening to clients  and the communities we serve in order to improve lives and livelihoods  and  to  create sustainable legacies for generations to come.

    Thinking Without Limits

    Thinking without limits is what keeps us  at the vanguard.  Ideas have no limits, and this ethos is embedded in our projects.  To turn abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good, it takes foresight into what’s possible, courage to create solutions for the unknown, and the knowledge and skills to make them real.

    Special Group for Awesome Projects

    We’re  experienced planners, designers, engineers, consultants and project and construction managers — delivering professional services to our clients. Working throughout the project lifecycle, we’re one team driven by a common purpose to provide you with an excellent experience and help you make great memories living in your new homes. Our Team Photo 1

    Neofitos Theodorou

    Managing Director Our Team Photo 2

    Evi Pirintzi

    Sales Manager Our Team Photo 3

    Aristotelis Zournas

    Project Manager Our Team Photo 4

    Despina Tsaliki

    Architect Group